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Q1) Is your organization registered with the relevant authorities?

It is registered with all the relevant authorities as follows: Under Societies Regn. Act – 1860 – Maharashtra / 2999 / Kolhapur / 29-3-1964

  • Under Bombay Public Trust Act – 1950 / 2888 / Kolhapur / 11-6-1984.
  • Under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act – 083860033 / 1-3-1994.
  • Under National Trust – Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India Registration No. 1419 Dated 13 June 2008 valid from 13 June 2013 to 12 June 2018.

Q2) Is a proper Accounts & Auditing system in place?

‘HOH’ employs ‘Mercantile’ method of accounting. Accounts are audited by a firm consisting of professional Chartered Accountants Powar Samant & Jadhav of Kolhapur. Accounts are audited as per the following statutes:

  • Under sub section (2) of Section 33 & 34 and rule 19 of the Bombay Public Trust Act.
  • Under section 12A(b) of the Income Tax Act, 1961; (Form No. 10 B under Rule 17 B.
  • Under section 44AB of the Income Tax Act 1961 (Form No. 3CA under Rule 6G (1) (a) and Form No. 3CD under Rule 6G(2).

Q3) Is ‘Helpers of the Handicapped, Kolhapur’ a Muslim Trust?

Absolutely not.It is a secular Trust in letter and spirit as can be seen from the number of Muslims in the management and staff given in the following table

Managing Committee                                       3       Out of 11       27%

Advisory Committee                                         1        Out of 10      10%

Organizing Committee                                     2       Out of 10       20%

Staff Members on all projects                       12       Out of 120    10%

Q4)Do you get Government grants? What are your other funding sources?

No. We do not get any Government grants. It is the generosity of our individual donors, well-wishers, bigger trusts both from within India and outside the country which provide funds for our charitable activities. It is also our endeavour to have our own earning avenues (much small at this juncture) like aids & appliances for the disabled, cashew processing unit etc. Whereby we provide skills and gainful employment to people with disabilities.