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Helpers of the Handicapped, Kolhapur’ work with a vision of making people with disabilities productive and self-supportive citizens leading fuller lives with dignity. In order to attain this vision, we provide all the necessary rehabilitation assistance for enabling persons with disabilities to attain and maintain their optimal physical, intellectual, psychological, economic and social functional levels.  We have created barrier free infrastructure by way of school, hostel-cum-rehabilitation centres and training centres at Shantinagar, Unchagaon (E), near Gadmudshingi, Tal. Karveer, Dist. Kolhapur for ensuring effective delivery of rehabilitation services in an ongoing manner.

Our major focus area is rural communities with a special thrust on women, children and youth with disabilities. The strategy is to empower them through integration and rehabilitation. The enabling tools are inclusive education, vocational training and healthcare regardless of their religion, caste, creed or place of domicile.

After registering a person with disability, we carry out their medical check-up and arrange for their corrective surgery, appliance as per medical advice. This improves their mobility and functional capacity. We have a physiotherapy centre which helps them in maintaining the attained physical capacity. Depending on their age, they are then given quality academic education or vocational training. Hostel facility is provided. They are encouraged in sports, arts and culture. Special efforts are made to impart computers and other soft skills to make them employable.

During last 37 years, we have supported 33,334 people with disabilities by way of medical aid (including corrective surgery and physiotherapy), aids & appliances, educational aid, vocational training, hostel facility (for stay, food, transportation etc), encouragement in sports, arts and other personality development ventures. In addition to this, we have created infrastructure like Hotel-cum-Rehab centres, training centres, and school in Unchgaon, Kolhapur & Cashew Processing Training Unit in Swapna Nagari located at Village: More, Post: Wados, Tal: Kudal, Dist: Sindhudurg, Maharashtra to boost the confidence and moral. In turn they become physically challenged employable human resource.